For more than 25 years, Hydestone® has been supplying natural stone products for construction and landscaping projects across New Zealand and internationally.

Discover how some of our existing customers have made thoughtful use of Hydestone® schist and transformed their homes into a work of art.

A timeless wanaka holiday house

This modern Wanaka home might have been built in 2015, but it feels at home amongst the hills and lakes of Central Otago. Utilising natural wood and Hyde Grey stone walls, it makes a strong architectural statement without being at odds with its environment.

A memorable design statment

The dark cladding and Hyde Grey Stone landscaping features in this striking Wanaka property make for a unique and memorable home. Here the homeowners have surrounded their distinctive property with natural stone retaining walls, creating attractive and low-maintenance garden features.

The new mountain chalet

The peaked roof and expansive picture windows of this chalet-style alpine home are a perfectly framed by natural building products including light and dark Hyde Grey pillars and external walls. Inside, the ‘old-style’ laid grey and brown stone feature walls feel at home alongside natural wood flooring and furniture and light colour palette.

Building for the light

This light-filled family home makes use of Hydestone® schist inside and out; a strong beautiful design where stone walls take centre stage against a quiet pallette of creams, soft browns and natural timber.

Blurred lines

Hyde Grey ‘old-style’ laid feature walls and chimneys seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces in this beautiful family home. Stone-clad walls adjacent to huge picture windows create a house that both celebrates its environment and belongs within it.

Where classic meets contemporary

This stunning new home blends the best of Hyde Grey stone laid ‘old-style’ with natural wood cladding. Classic from one aspect, contemporary from another, this property demonstrates how the use of natural stone helps a new-build settle comfortably in its environment.

Building a natural wonder

This internal/external fireplace with Hyde Grey chimney will become the centrepiece of indoor-outdoor living spaces that make modern family life a pleasure.

Stunning design in middle earth!

With soaring stone chimneys and pillars, natural wood and vast picture windows this dream Wanaka property appears to have grown organically out of the environment to sit proudly within it.

A bold central otago statement

This executive family home makes extensive use of Hyde Grey stone in its walls and garden to create strong, architectural features and make a powerful statement in the Central Otago environment.

Classic style with a natural twist

Blended shades of Hyde Grey are a perfect complement to the light-white colour of this modern, classic home.

Striking features make an instant classic

Thoughtful use of Hyde Grey pillars and chimney features transform this practical, modern family home into an instant classic.

Stone features for a family bungalow

The striking chimney is a stand-out feature of this attractive Central Otago Bungalow which sits harmoniously in its landscape. The combination of Hyde Grey and Brown stone both contrast with and enhance the natural wood weatherboards and minimalist landscaping.

Striking contrast

The distinctive hues of Hyde Grey and Hyde Brown blend in this chimney feature to create a clear contrast with the white-cladding of this modern home. A strong design statement that frames and celebrates the beauty of natural Otago stone.